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Steam Name: FF

Game Server: Mr. Green Mod #2 | INFECTED WARS | LEFT4GREEN.COM

Age: 15

Country of origin: Sweden

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I think I can handle the responsibility of being an admin.

My english is nearly flawless so language wont be a problem.

I report glitches to Cowchucker and let him fix them.

I've played on the server quite a lot and it's my favourite server.

I've been an admin on an rp server and they thought I was a really good admin.

Many of the players on the server likes me. <sacrifical baby > Toaster and Cowchucker to name a few.

I will be a mature admin that rather give players warnings than banning them, but if they keep disobeying the rules I'll just kick them. If they come back and keep messing up. I'll ban them for a certain amount of time depending on how abusive they have been.

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