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Corby/Snow Applying For Admin


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I'm re-applying, seeing as I was declined before, and I've returned to playing Mr Green, obviously not because of admin applications, it's just summer holidays and I have alot of free time. EDIT: Cleared my application up a little bit!

Brief Information:

Name: Joe Corby

Gameserver: Mr Greens zombie server garys mod

MSN: [email protected]

Age: 18

Languages Spoken: English, Tiny bit of german, french and japanese.

Country of origin: England

Known Name: Corby / Snow

A little about me:

I live in Leicester, which is a city in England. I'm currently studying a-levels, preparing to go to university next year. I have my own PC in my room and a laptop too. I did have an xbox but I sold that because it got pretty boring after a while. At college I study PE, Maths Statistics, Biology and Computing. I plan to go on to either major at university in 'Computer Engineering' or 'Sports with Science' which are two completely different choices I know, but it's just my two best subjects haha.

Anyway, I'm a very friendly person, you can come to me and ask me questions and almost always I'll be happy to help you out with whatever you need. I'm a very active person, but I definately wouldn't consider myself a nerd at all. I'm also a very outgoing person, I go snowboarding regulary and am part of 2 snowboard clubs and a snowboard freestyle team as well. My current snowboard is a 'forum eddie wall pro model 08/09' with 'forum recon bindings' along with some 'vans probo boots' but I'm sure you don't care about that haha.

I'm a very honest person, I like to do things right and I always stand for what's good. I don't like unnecessarily offensive/arrogant people and especially don't like people who are constantly racist. I'm a very jokey person too, I like to have fun and mess around too, but when it's required I can always be extremely profesional at whatever I am doing, as my experiences quite clearly back-up.

Computing Knowledge/Experiences:

+ I understand the programming languages VB, C#, C++, Java, Javascript, CSS, PHP, HTML all to a moderate level, mainly from studying Computer Engineering at college.

+ I understand game servers extremely well. I have experiences in running and coding a few of my own game servers.

- I ran a 'Maplestory Private Server' with over 15,000 members, dubbed 'ProjectGC' which I coded myself from scratch in C#.

- I ran my own Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gaming server, which I coded using server cvars and ran with a game modification named Etpro, Etpub and NoQuarter mod.

- I ran my own KillingFloor server for a while when it first came out, so I have experience in that as well.

+ Management wise, I was also 'Admin' of one of the largest gaming websites amongst the internet. GameCheetah.com, which had over 500,000 members. I started off as a base member, 4 years ago, where I built up my reputation on the forum and became a graphics moderator, after that I was promoted to be a global moderator, shortly followed by a Super moderator promotion. Then after roughly 3 years of being with the site I was promoted to Team Leader, my role was to sort out the entire moderation team and organise them efficiently and after 4 months doing that job I was finally promoted to Admin to maintain and run the entire community. It was a extremely hard task and after 4 years I decided to retire from the community there and left. But it is by far my biggest achievement management wise.

Why I should be an admin:

Because I'm online alot and the times that I am online, mainly UK morning and afternoon, not alot of admins are on. I notice numerous speed hackers who I then report to Robo later on when he comes online. However I think I could make a significant impact on the server, just by maintaining order and preventing glitchers. I will provide valuable input in how we could better the server and hopefully will be able to make an overall change for the good. I'm a honest, hard-working, communicating, active, loyal, team player, and would be greatful at given the oppurtunity to help out. I hope you can realise all of these traits that I have to offer. I believe if you ask some of the members of the server and Robb, Aiur or Sneed they could vow for me as a good person. Im lucky enough to know alot of the admin team already as I played alongside with them before and whilst they are admins

I look foward to seeing your response and hope you will consider me,

Thanks - Joe (Corby)

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I don't usually comment on Server Applications, but I think I should just this time because Corby has been playing for a very long time on the server and truly deserves an opportunity to show what type of Admin he can be. I am confident that Corby would be able to be a responsible yet friendly admin, as I have been playing Zs with him since I first started playing on the server.

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