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Zombie Survival Admin Application.


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Gameserver: Mr. Green GMod #1 - Zombie Survival

Age: 15

Country where I live: UK

Why I want to be Admin: Well I have been playing Zombie Survival for almost 2 years now, and it has been great fun on a lot of servers. Especially this one which I started playing on from April 2007. I remember the first night I played. Aah that was great. Anyway, the reason I'd like to be admin is because I have dealt in the past with a lot of idiots who think the world revolves around them and that they think everything can go their way, Before Lua Scripts were blocked on the server, I got repeatedly well let's just say, peed off with someone who was using an Aim Assistant. I told a friend at the time, and he denied it.

So I'd like to have the chance to control those who do go mad, Even though there aren't any hackers around much, I'd deal with abuse, anything that shouldn't be said or used.

I'd never take advantage of my moderation skills whatsoever even if someone made offensive jokes to me or about my family, They will just get the punishment they deserve. The same goes if they do this to other people. It will be equal punishments.

And on the bright side, I won't be the serious strict admin, I'll have same fun on the side, Joke about and be casual.

Oh, And I'm new to this forum. So I hope this was a nice opening post and application.

Thank you for reading!


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