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New surfing video!


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1 hour ago, Ywa said:

Pretty cool!

From a noob guy: How do you manage to rotate your screenview/rotation that quick but smooth?

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but if you're asking how I'm able to do those sick spins: I have a key ('F') bound to '+left'. While I hold it, my camera moves to the left at a constant rate. I only use it for spins because usually, you have to maintain your speed by slowly moving your mouse (i.e. not flicking) and that's why I have a super low sensitivity. Without the bind, spins would be a disaster ^^

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Cool video! Very smooth. Reminds me of a Minecraft mod; Camera Studio Mod (will add a video to the post so you'll know what I'm talking about). I'm not familiar to the game, so I do not know what video options the game offers. Seems like you're pretty good at the game. ;)  


Edit: Didn't see Lukkie's post when I was writing this. /ignore

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