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Ever Get a "Memory Could not be read error?"

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This is a temporary fix that has worked for me so far, as it is a very annoying bug crash. It's basically gave me roughly 3-5 hours of constant play time without a crash, it won't completely erase the crash, but it will slow it down. So it's only really a temporary fix and you have to do it every single time you start up garrys mod.

Start Gmod

alt+tab out of it

CTRL ALT DEL to open task manager

right click hl2.exe

set priority to high

this allows a larger memory usage for it.

This is only a temp fix that I discovered yesterday, Im sure someone has already found this also though.

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I got the memory could not be read error.

i fixed it by switching to vista, i had XP first and it crashed each time.

Now i dont crash with vista anymore.

Windows 7 is soon coming out... why waste money on vista...

Some editions of Vista come with a coupon that allows you to upgrade to Windows 7

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XP: Lots of crashes

Vista: Some crashes

7: No crashes


7 is great though, I'm buying it when it comes out (using RC atm).

XP lots of crashes? Lol. I'm using 7 too now, and if I can buy it cheap via school, I'll probably buy it.

What I find stupid, why can't you use one key for 32-b and 64-bit versions.

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