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IRC resource constantly restarting itself for no reason!

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OK, so this thing started to drive me crazy. It happened some time ago but then it got fixed by itself (idk how), and now since today it's back again.

In summary, IRC resource restarts itself every 5mins spamming the console with messages like this one : "IRC: could not connect to 'maple.nl.eu.gtanet.com' <Nickname already in use>" and then renames my server bot from TransAmMTA to TransAmMTA_ and it takes away it's +v (voice) mode.  How to fix this? I restarted my router, I restarted my PC, I restarted my server = NOTHING! What is this? -_-

PS Server seems to be working as it's visible in the browser but I still need help with fixing this^ thing.


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You know what? Now there are no nick errors but the freaking resource restarts itself every 4mins :') wtf is this....

Oh and if a player joins server, and exits, the thing doesn't happen anymore :DDDDDD  help..:c


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