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Stroth NOT spamming on forum

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Hey greeners,


As some guys know, I'm one of the guys who's following the forums every day or week

Last days I saw some accounts spamming on forum with Chinese characters and advertising.

To be honest: yes, after I got banned, I was spamming the forums, but the spam with the Chinese characters in it, are NOT done by me.

I saw some guys accusing me as the 'Chinese' spammer in the shoutbox, so again for those guys: it's NOT me.

For about 1 week i'm not spamming on forum and other things. I already decided to stop (cause I didn't have more creativity :) ).

Additional message for disbelievers: why should I spam massive posts in a ****** language which I don't understand and advertising for a website I'd never heard of?


I'm not writing this for an upcoming unban, as I said before: you guys will never see me again.

Now I don't play many hours in the servers, I feel much better.



Stroth (not using mainaccount cause forumadmins blocked me from posting)

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