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Mr.Green Achievements?


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Okay, so, I found a download for your achievements.... but is there anyway to show a tutorial to add them? Also, anyone to add them for zombie survival?

Because I found a download, and it's going to take me a little bit, but couldn't you guys help me out gimme a simpler version to add to my ZS server?

If not, guess I have to spend a day or 2 luaing ;(.

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You couldn't atleast gimme like the code for the actual achievement... and I code everything else?

Pleeease :D

I'll give you guys credit :o

Look. Achievements = check if value equals something -> set achievement status -> send stuff to client about achieving it -> let client view achievements in a neat interface. It's integrated within the code. I suggest you just follow some tutorials about coding and try to wrap your head around the mechanics of how code works.

There's not a magical piece of code for everything, unlike what some people have lead to believe.

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