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Zombie Survival Hud

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I've been working on porting textures from L4D and combining them so they would look nice, in zombie survival. This is what i have done so far ...



The font isn't really L4D-ish, but maybe you can find a better one! Need opinions, ideas, etc! Thank you!

UPDATE : The weapon listing part isn't finished. It's just a glimpse .. I have to script for each weapon type. In other words, build a custom selection panel :o. The bigger weapon is the active one! The rest of the weapons are in your inventory. First number is clip size and second is how many mags do you have.

Total weapon slots are 4. That won't include melee or fists. For those i will make a separate notice.

Warning : this is not left4dead, i can do a glowy thing over the activate weapon, but as i said, it's not finished :P

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As Ywa said, ammo regen was deleted. I replaced it by "Kills counter - Useful". Also, i've added a weapon distance counter, to print the distance to the nearest weapon. I've optimized the HUD for Widescreen and 4:3 Normal Screen (yeah, pain in the ass, you don't wanna know), although this is not final version!

Useful information on the hud, ideas, would be welcome!

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