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[Unban Appeal] STR8KASH

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1. Your ingame name:  STR8KASH

2. Date of your ban: 17 days ago

3. What game/server are you banned from:  MTA/Mr.green racing server and MIX 

4. Who banned you: F1MADKILLER

5. Reason why you got banned: Camp on destiny no block 

6. Reason why we should unban you

I am really sorry for all i dont block. I wanna play on race i have holidays you can give me blocker mode if you want. It's all what i have to say. STR8KASH


Ask MoshPit why he kill me for no reason year ago when i was buying [SKC]DeathRace to get top1. . .


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Flipper and I both banned you but you avoided it again so WE will unban you when we feel you learnt not to avoid bans, hope you learn from this and when we let you back on you DO NOT avoid a ban or any punishments in future



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