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  1. Gonzalezo

    Unlock me onions

    Yes i changed nick bcs he blocking me always PS: Why you insult other players?
  2. Gonzalezo

    Unlock me onions

    1. Your in-game name - Kash 2. Date of your ban: 2 weeks ago ~ 3. What game/server are you banned from: Race 4. Who banned you (only if you know who): [AFE]Military 5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): I changed nick bcs admins dont react when other players blocks me at NTS map. 6. Reason why we should unban you: I wanna play race lol 7. If banned on MTA, post your MTA serial: 440C7975897658BAA1FF5918B57D24E3 Unlock my ban and mute onions. Thanks (Kash)
  3. Gonzalezo

    Nick26 banned me for changing nick

    Hey. Nick27 first muted me 7 days for sayin i wanna kill Synxify (that was joke beetwen me and him) and then banned me 7 days for changing nick. I wanna play. Just unban me
  4. Gonzalezo

    Chimpie - Blocker

    not ur business kid admins are breaking the rules
  5. Gonzalezo

    suckar blocking players

    stop being an i...t
  6. Gonzalezo

    suckar blocking players

    No need description.
  7. Gonzalezo

    Kash racism, toxic

    everybody provokes me.
  8. Gonzalezo

    Blocker Bring

    So where you got video?
  9. Gonzalezo

    Blocker Bring

    Hello. This player block's me at every possible opportunity. He also doesn't like it when i buy NTS map. Please do something with him. Greetings. Kash
  10. Gonzalezo

    V4POR (Patya) Blocker

    Are you abuse admin rules?
  11. Gonzalezo

    V4POR (Patya) Blocker

    I dont know what he train but.. He ruined my race
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