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I bought a E8400 (2x3Ghz) of Intel because i tought i was better than a quad core of AMD (4x3Ghz)

EDIT: And i visited a few sites that said it was better!

Well, I guess all those sites were full of fanboys. Though until several months ago a lot of people said that a Dual Core is better for games then a Quad Core. And that, is bullshit. A lot of games (yes, even The Sims 2) supported multicore back then, and multicore supported games just keep on coming! Just look at TF2, it got an update especially to enable multicore rendering. And it really improves FPS :). Same story for L4D.

All I can say is: A quadcore AMD CPU beats a dual core Intel CPU (and an Intel quadcore beats an AMD dualcore, ofcourse). Period.

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