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Punishment request about qrew


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Hi there,

I am Green. I'd like to introduce you to a guy named "qrew". Maybe some of you know how disturbing he is maybe not but I sure know that he is disturbing as hell. He swears a lot (in Turkish). He spams a lot (especially for votes). And if people don't vote for what he wanted, he starts to swear again. :( I do not request a specific punishment but I wouldn't like to see him in this server anymore. I hope this problem of the server will be solved. As I told you, he spams. I, once, saw him spamming and typed "stop spam!" and then "mute him pls" and guess what i got... yes; swearing and insulting which is the other issue. This night (August 16), we were playing one of his maps and as usual he used a bind on "L" key to like his map. Just when I see this, I typed "Bind on L must be deleted". I would like to thank Flipper for letting me know that he was gonna talk to Cena about this issue. And... there it came other insults against me. Yes... again... swearing and insulting. Anyways, I provide you some screenshots that I get. I will be collecting more screenshots because I know he will let me get more :). I know this guy keeps getting muted since he insults. Muting him is not a solution as I see. Please consider about these issues!

Thank you!








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I moved it to the right place, I deal with it tomorrow morning as I am off now, unless some other admin deals with it in the meantime

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