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FantomicanYoshi for MTA Mod / Map Manager


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Gameserver: MTA Race Server

Age: 22

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Ingame name: FantomicanYoshi

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: 


I grew up with the Mr. Green community ever since it was only Dutch. I've been active in the MTA: Race server for a couple of years, mainly from 2010 to 2012. During that period, I was also server admin. During 2012 I became inactive because of other interests and eventually I got demoted to Green. Ywa said I could always tell him when I wanted to become server admin again, which is now. :P


I've been back since a couple of months and got to know many of the current players as well. I'm a very respectful person, I never really get in trouble with people. I always try to help people with questions. I like conversating with people in the server chat and make the server fun for everyone. The most important thing I can add as admin I think, is that I have a heart for the server, because I've been here so long. I have a lot concern about what happens, and I always like to add my two cents or new ideas. I can be a bit critical sometimes, I always try to look at things thoughtfully, so I can bring a lot to admin discussions.


My activity means I can help in doing the occasional server admin things. You know, muting spammers, kicking blockers, banning cheaters. I know how all that works and in the past I have shown that I used those powers only when needed.

Surely though, there's one thing the server really needs, when you ask me. Another map manager. It happens daily, someone has spent hours making a map, would love to see it tested but all the online admins have to say "sorry, I don't have the rights to do that". Sometimse we even have to bother someone from Mix, sometimes there's no one online at all. Moshpit plays every day but at different times than most European players. I feel like, at times when the server is the most crowded, the most lively, and there is not map manager around, it can be a bit frustrating for map makers. So I would like to become map manager.


I haven't been map manager before, but I always wanted to be one. I think I can make a good judgment on what maps to accept and which not. When I think a map is not good enough, I will honestly say so, no matter who made it, but also try to help that person say what can be improved in my opinion, what can be fixed, that stuff. Because I know what work can go into making a map, and it can be disappointing when it doesn't work out the way you expect it to, but that's what happens, especially if you try out new things, what I personally encourage. I have respect for those who make maps for the server, because without those people, the server would stand still in time.

The same goes for deleting maps. There is a report topic but a lot of times people are too lazy to use it. There's still a lot of maps that have like 23 likes and 150 dislikes. Apart from that, I think some maps have parts that are bad or buggy and can easily be improved. I won't just start editing maps though, I will always discuss with colleagues first, but I think I can be a good help in working with maps and like I said before, I would really love to do it.


And yes, I know what some of you are thinking. But no, I won't test and upload my own maps. When I make a map myself, I'll leave it for other map managers to decide what to do with it. :P


I can also organize things like a map contest. I have done that in the past, and we ended up with a lot of good maps because of it, like 'rusty race' and 'Desert Domination'.


So in short: 1. my activity on the MTA race server, 2. my interest and concern in things regarding the Mr. Green community and 3. my desire to become (and the server's need for) a map manager. Those are the main reasons I write this application. :)

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