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Cant spawn on Mr Green GMOD servers

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Hi, im new here. :P

I had to register coz i have a baad bug. On both of your gmod servers i cant spawn. I cant even press tab or F1, F2, F3 or F3. Nothing, not even move the camera.. N O T H I N G!!!

The strange thing is that it works on every other gmod server expect of these 2..... On ZS_ the my view is on a special point and on IW i my view follow a player...

Please help me, i luv your gmodservers and gmod without these is boring ;)

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In this folder (replace USERNAME HERE with your Steam username)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME HERE

You got a "garrysmod" folder. Close GMod and rename this folder to "garrysmod_backup" en then start GMod and try to join the server. That probably fixes it.

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Very, yes!

I renamed the folder now it looks now like this: D:\Programme\Steam\steamapps\shaddowhunter\garrysmod_backup

I will try to join now...

EDIT: WOHOOOO Thx very much YWA, it works now....even if i dont understand it :)

See you on the server ;)

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4 and a half day till I'm back ^^

That seems a bit extreme to reinstall your garrysmod. I would have suggested deleting cache, lua, and lua temp.

That. But I did the reinstall stuff because else it would be harder to explain.

Cant you just put the #name#\garrsmod\garrysmod folder back (to the new gmod folder)? :P

If u dont understand, this is kind of what i ment

  1. CHange name of #name#\garrysmod folder to #name#\garrysmod_backup
  2. Reinstall garrysmod (run it from games)
  3. move the #name#\garrysmod\garrysmod folder into the new #name#\garrysmod
  4. Join server ^^

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