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Guest AleksCore
On 06.09.2016 at 6:23 PM, HeArTBeaT said:

omg .... if you release that you're all fucked! (or i'll get banned for hacks)

Just to make things clear - hackers will be banned permanently, so good luck with this ;)

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Guest AleksCore

If we will see banned player in-game - he'll get ban instantly. And he should forget about his forum account, his nickname etc if he want to try avoid ban. I didn't said it isn't possible to avoid ban, however it won't be too easy

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Guest AleksCore

I just want to notice if somebody gonna cheat on my Event - I'll get rid to ban him forever everywhere, even on the forum.

By IP, by Serial, by MAC, by forumID

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This one might actually work although it is a bit more complicated. You should probably use a pc you don't really need though. Download linux (because it's free) and save it on an usb. When banned, format your hdd/sdd. Re-boot from the usb and use a vpn.

Re-installing an operating system takes a while, but I'm pretty sure it would work ;)


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