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Chainsawman's Admin Application

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I say nicely done, most sincere admin application i have ever seen .. from gameplay experience and chatting with him, i'd say 99,9999 percent that he is more than capable of delivering a Pure Mr Green Admin Experience to this server! Well, vote for germany, vote for chainsaw ! :D (serious this time XD)

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Oh thank god, a nice long admin app for once (They are a rarity, I tell ya)

But a very good one at that!

You've answered all the points, I can't fault you on that. Interesting that you've listed admins/ex-admins, or were they the main people you could remember?

But anyway,


Cheesecake HAX!

If Bean actually said that, I will love him

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Chainsawman would fill out the job as admin just fine.

Though you need to, how can I explain it.. Voice your opinion some more and tell people what to do and what not to, that's something an admin has to do. I am pretty sure you will do/learn that rather quickly if you become admin.

I will put my trust in Chain as admin, no doubt. :D

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Thanks for your comment EmRA.

I tryed my best to keep the clan alive. But i tried too many projects at once and i've overlooked some faults in my plans.

I talked to the most important members.

We decided to disband the clan. It wasn't worth it.

And to be honest...many people disliked the clan ,especially you. :D

Now, everybody can go his own way^^

Thanks to everybody else who left a comment.

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