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Unmute, Velocity


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1. Your ingame name

2. Date of your mute

17 - 9 - 2016
3. What game/server are you muted from

MTA / Race : Mix
4. Who muted you

5. Reason why you got banned 

Issues with Skynet
6. Reason why we should unmute you 

im done, with this non-chat time, i know i treated Skynet, but it was a big fault, and i dont know why i did it, i just want to play like normaly everyone, and i am sorry skynet, but i know this is my 40~ + mute, and i know but i got a life to, and i know me and mad arrnt big friends together but still we were friends a time ago, and i hope this time can be now again

** next time i just ignore people **

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Mute stays its got less than 4 days left I do hope you learn to just use /ignore as we are really giveing you too many chances as we don't want to ban you but eventaully we might have too

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