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Darknesses admin application

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Mr. Darkness


14 years (15 in 22 march)



Little something about me:

Hello all!

Im well known here as Mr. Darkness, but my real name is Michael (call me Misha). I study in math-physics school and im in 8th grade. We all got some problems with studying. Many problems like... listening at lessons, homeworks, teachers (lol), classmates. If really the most problem is classmates.

I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. My sister is 3 years old, 1 of my bros is 4 years old and another is 1 year old. My smallest brother had to pass an operation on heart, and soon he will pass another operation. Why do i have a so big family? Well... the case is in my mom and dad, tey have devorsed. So now i have a sister from mom and both brothers from dad.

All of us had planes on future. Mine is to be a scientist (astronomyst). As i know i need to study maths and physics most than any other.

Do you know about the habble telescope? Its a very old space telescope and it has name of 1 german scientist. I know you dont care :)

On my birthday i got a telescope as a present, so now im very happy and trying to find Mars ^^.

Why do i think im fit to be admin:

Ive been playing IW pretty long time, also i know almost every person who joins the server and they know me. As i know there are 2 admins and there are my friends. Its not so easy to controll the whole server when there are only 2 admins, so i decided to help them. I found many expolit blocks that work very badly, and i could pass threw many expolit blocks. On map de_harborbank its very fun to expolit. you can "spectate" and be killed also today i tried to spectate and i did it. it was fun, but others ask "HOW DID YOU GET THERE? OH OH SHOW ME!" To not hear this i just showed them. But there are still someone who expolit. And i would like to teleport them from there.

There are some mic spammers, chat spammers (are there hackers in gmod btw? if yes its a reason too), etc. Well, those are just simple reasons. Admin job is not fun as i know, and you have to be on the server usually. Im not that kind of KID that will admin abuse, even if im under 16 im not that small for this job. Im ready for every worse job.

Thank you for reading!


NOTE: I'll arrive (again...) to montenegro so can you say the resultsafter my arriving? well, anyway i will check the forums by my cell phone! Waiting for results!

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Cow or Error, if you are reading this, you GOT TO fix the bug i told you about (and showed you)

I think people are starting to notice it, and you got to block it off, its the worst possible case of map exploiting, humans can get there, its hard, but they can, undeads can too, but you need bones and its hard to do. Humans can hide whereever they want and kill undeads from there really easely. If you dont remember where it is, i can show you when i come back home (the 7th, i think i'll go on the 8th..)

Btw, Nice app Darkness :)

I've seen you on the server alot :)

I think you would make a fine admin :)

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Thanks :) (im writing from my cell phone)

to Danni: all you say is last time, i mean a long time ago. Now, belive me I've got some mature kind (or some of that stuff). I dont like those people, who have a "long tun" as we say in Russia (i dont speak about mic spammers). So you can just throw away your bad mind about me ;)

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Mr.Darkness CAN act mature , IF(!) he wants to. I think i have to abstain in this application, but maybe you should watch Mr. Darkness in the server in the next weeks.

It's always the best to form your own opinion.

Maybe he is younger than you and me , but if he can handle the situation, who cares?

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I will just say that 14 years is not that u see usually outside and also, every person has hes own good kinds, like, for example a kid who has good tips like mature kinds, or that can live alone for many months.

About me, those times i liked to be childish, but if speaking about admin, i wont become childish ever. As you know, I left to the camp for a month and used my time for sitting with group of 8 year old kids (the smallest). This is a maturity already.

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Age = not level of maturity (ofcourse its does influence it) , ive seen 14 year olds act more mature then 17 years. (for example. some 14 year olds dont make sex jokes 100% of the time, sometimes they are funny, but sometimes not. (hinthint :P))

Its very hard to know if someone is mature.

In the end. Clavus/Ywa decides who can be admin and who isnt, not you (everyone not Ywa/Clavus) or me ^_^

Warning this post contains alot of opinions.

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Maybe he is younger than you and me , but if he can handle the situation, who cares?

Age has a lot to do with it. Maturity comes with age. I don't think at 14 I could of personally handled the pressure & requirements of being an admin.


14 yaers old can handle it, as you explain.

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Maybe you would, or maybe not, but again, you think like this because youre older now and for you 14 years is like 7 or 8 for us. Also maybe you didnt have chance before, at 14 years to be admin.

I say last time, 14 years is a fine age for admin. Sorry if I said it messy or repeated some sentences.

It's according to uor choice!

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Well, I'll start off by saying that 14 MIGHT, I say might, be considered too young by TC, but that's up to them. You're quiet on the server (shut up, he is actually quiet on IW, when I'm on anyway). I've heard nothing from my spies about you annoying other players, which can be a good sign, but I shall be speaking to them later for more intelligence about this matter, you have been warned.

But we shall see what the TC think, I don't think there'll be anymore going through them until when Clavus comes back I think

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okay i'm back from holidays, dunno why mr.darkness wants me to post here, so... here is my opinions on Mr.Darkness.

To young, Immature, blah blah. (the list goes on)

yeah.. you might think that im immature becuse of my signature? Don't (Roborobb requested it)

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