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Semert blocking.


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idk that map so I have few questions, I see other players with infernus going opposite way as well, and when you guys crashed into each other you changed his way and then he wanted to go back when he did the 180? Thats how I see it. Explain more if you can. 

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0:04 - yes, then he was at the correct way. When he hit me then it was normal as map is made that way. 0:08 though, he comes from my right, going opposite direction. 0:10 he tries to do a 180 and hits a player going his own path (which was right one btw), then goes in reverse to fuck up others even more. That ring cp you see, he doesn't cuz he isn't past the other cps before it. There's just no cp for him at the spot he is failing others. His cp is behind me (so is not in video). 0:18 = feels great that he ruined 2-3 people's race.

Welcome back ;v

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