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First you need to buy the paintjob perk in F6-GC Perks (it costs 15 000gc). Then you should upload your image to imgur.com and do the following:

-click on Modshop tab in F6

-click on a vehicle you've bought

-click on the "Colors and paintjobs" sub-tab

-select "custom" to the right side under "paintjob"

-go to your image on imgur and copy the direct link

-paste the direct link into the white box in F6-Moshop-Colours and paintjobs

-click upload

-you should see a message "paintjob successfully uploaded" in chat

-reconnect to server or wait for next map to start to see your paintjob

*remember that paintjobs work only on vehicles you've actually bought (550gc each)

*also i think now there's a "set to all" button so you can set the same paintjob on all the cars you've bought with one click instead of doing it manually as we did before


Have fun :)

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