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/votekick removed for moderators?


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OK So moderator's can't votekick anymore. That's bad. Very bad. Loads of players loading almost every round, /k doesn't help because it shows that the player is already dead. In most cases there aren't ant admins online, so the loaders can't get killed and they sit there until there is one person left and the map vote starts. Either the loader gets 1st place for just sitting there doing nothing, or the mapvote ends before the player that's still alive (not the loader) doesn't even get his GC reward since he can't kill himself until when the vote ends. Loaders are a huge problem, the main weapon the staff uses is to kick them, therefore there are lots of moderators online most of the time so they can take care of it. Now that the feature has for some reason been removed, this problem is annoying players on the server.

So, i suggest bringing back the feature asap or make some sort of anti-loader script (which is probably not the best case since it would take lots of time and might not be as functional).

Peace, Sky~

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1 hour ago, AleksCore said:

I don't know why it's removed for moderators, probably was removed by accident. Should be fixed now

It was removed whilst Ywa looked for why anyone could do /votemap i think

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