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Auto-disconnection in 40 seconds.

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Hello, recently I've been constantly getting the red message in the corner saying something along the lines of WARNING: Connection issue - Auto-disconnection in X.

Normally, this doesn't mind me because it's just my internet having a 'hiccup,' but these are happening several times a game, once every 30secs-2minutes. This freezes me for around 5-7seconds, which in such a large time frame, ends up me either missing a kill, or getting killed.

The only thing I've done recently to my wireless, is update the drivers on it, which stopped the USB port adapter from deciding to stop working whenever it wanted, and required me to reboot.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do to stop these messages appearing, and they are making game play very difficult, if not impossible to play.

Thanks in advance :V

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Does it only happen on one server, or on all that you go on?

It's not just on the games, it's throughout my computer.

I would recommend maybe trying a direct connection via an Ethernet Cable to your modem to see if its some sort of interference with your wireless connection.

I would try that, but I don't think I have an Ethernet Cable long enough :L I don't see why just updating drivers would do this.

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Hey dusty if you're using Vista 32 or 64 you may try this two tools...i think one of them is the one deluvas was talking about

VAL : http://www.codecase.de/de/software/downloa...anti-lag-v1-1-1

WLAN Optimizer : http://www.martin-majowski.de/wlanoptimizer/downloads.php

I hope this helps....It helps me a lot because i'm using W-LAN and get this lags ,too if i dont use one of them.

For me the second tool is working really good.

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