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Point system removing/changing


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Hello, Im just suggesting that you would remove/change the HLstatsX system from/in Mr.Green Surf #1. Its annoying that from killing, you get 2(3 with headshot) points if your higher rank like me, but when you die to some lower-ranked guy, you lose from 5 to 25 points. And now when you removed the points from planting bombs, its very hard to get back your lost points, even if you dont die a much.

For example, I just played in the Mr.Green Surf #1 and my stats were 12-3, but still I was -21 points. Even if you kill ten people, and die once, if the one guy who kills you, happens to be low rank enough, and you lose the 25 points, luckily, with headshots you just might be +-0. But still.

So Im suggesting that you would remove the HLstatsX system for a while, or putting the points back to plant.

Even 10 points would be enough from plant, like it used to be, until you changed it to 20, then the bomb farming started, at least for me.

Or then you could try the different version of HLstatsX what for example -=TH

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nobana is right!!,

there are a lot of new people in the green and everytime when i get killed i lose 25 points.

And when i kill someone i gain 2 or 3 points, so if my score is 15-3 i got +0 points.

The only way to get my points back was bomb planting so i want the old bomb planting back!


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You say it's all like this to give other people a fair chance too,

but nobody else will have a chance to get in top3 anymore with bomb points removed.

Not that I liked it, on the contrary, at first I tried to keep up without doing it but it was impossible.

Just saying that because we all benefitted from it, and now it's removed, so it's still not fair to the rest.

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Yap, and you ever thought that the people in Top would like to keep being in top? You always think that it gives a chance for the newbies to get in top, but some of us would like to stay in Top instead of giving their place for some random guy.

E: And you say that planting is only done by high-ranked's, usually when I get to the detonation zone, some low-ranked has already planted. Maybe planting helps us to say in top, but it sure helps them to get there more!

EE: And its fixed. Thanks Ywa!

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