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TF2 Classless update!

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@TF2 maps

In my opinion, I know Red and Blu are basically mercanaries, but, why is it always situated in forests, desets and such? why isnt there any in more populated areas? I know that's one of the things that they plan maps on, so it's less populated areas, (at the most, farms are there)

But they should either do something in the arctic (I know I sort of contradicted myself here) or in a city :/

-Or maybe a nasa style launch facility?

-The City map could even be RED corp or BLUE something or other, like two tall buildings, like government buildings.


What was I gonna say?

Oh yeah, vote Monster Raving Looney Party this next election, or the Pirate Party.

EDIT: I wrote this before day 2.

I take back my arctic comment!

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Btw, update on MAYBE hats:

"TF_Engineer_Cowboy_Hat" "Texas Ten Gallon"

"TF_Engineer_Train_Hat" "Engineer's Cap"

"TF_Heavy_Ushanka_Hat" "Officer's Ushanka"

"TF_Heavy_Stocking_cap" "Tough Guy's Tuque"

"TF_Soldier_Pot_Hat" "Stainless Pot"

"TF_Soldier_Viking_Hat" "Tyrant's Helm"

"TF_Demo_Scott_Hat" "Glengarry Bonnet"

"TF_Medic_Tyrolean_Hat" "Vintage Tyrolean"

"TF_Pyro_Chicken_Hat" "Respectless Rubber Glove"

"TF_Spy_Camera_Beard" "Camera Beard"

"TF_Medic_Mirror_Hat" "Otolaryngologist's Mirror"

"TF_Pyro_Fireman_Helmet" "Brigade Helm"

"TF_Scout_Bonk_Helmet" "Bonk Helm"

"TF_Scout_Newsboy_Cap" "Ye Olde Baker Boy"

"TF_Spy_Derby_Hat" "Backbiter's Billycock"

"TF_Sniper_Straw_Hat" "Professional's Panama"

"TF_Sniper_Jarate_Headband" "Master's Yellow Belt"

"TF_Hatless_Scout" "Baseball Bill's Sports Shine"

"TF_Hatless_Sniper" "Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative"

"TF_Hatless_Engineer" "Texas Slim's Dome Shine"

"TF_Demo_Top_Hat" "Scottsman's Stove Pipe

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I really liked this, too bad I still haven't got one single hat :C

Valve should make shop to TF2 where you could buy hats and other items with flare guns and natachas (or whats the heavy's gun's name)

Now, we just have to wait till engineer update and it's mountable turrets..

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