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€15 - 15.000 GC donation lottery, be quick!


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<<< 15.000 GC's >>>


Hello guys, on this Cyber monday I feel generous and therefore I am giving away 15.000 GC's.


This means I will donate either €5 or €10 for the first person to guess the right answer.

The game is quite simple but goes with a couple of rules.




The first person to guess my hometown area will get 5.000GC's donated to his/hers Mr. Green account.  GUESSED by @Stroth and @WesEdit

Question 2: 


The first person to guess the town where I work will get  10.000 GC's donated to his/hers Mr. Green account.  GUESSED by @Stroth and @WesEdit



1) If two people guessed the right answer in a time span of 5 hours the ammount will be split in two. MAX of 2 winners on 1 question.

2) I will announce the winner 5 hours after the right answer on Question1 or 2 has been given (this might be with a delay).

3) You can only guess 1 time on each question per 6 hours which means maximum 4 times a day.

4) You are only allowed to join the contest with your present and active account.

5) You are not allowed to edit your comment, edited comments will be ignored

6) People who are not participating should not comment.

7) Include Question1 and/or Question2





Use google maps


1) My country where I live is Belgium

2) Search in a radius of 30 KM's around Kortrijk

3) The both locations can either be close or far away from Kortrijk



I will NOT reply to wrong answers


A like would be appreciated



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Just now, WesEdit said:

Thanks a lot Rock for that super-awesome competition, (and btw thanks strothy your fault if I win now let's share the awards and beers fapfap)

I actually received 7500gcs, so let's go guys this shit is real, you maybe have your chance too



Thanks for your feedback, I am making a new give away right now. 20.000 GC's this time!! :)

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For the people who are still wondering how quick Stroth found the right answers;


In my admin application which I made 1 year ago there was some usefull information which you needed for this content;

To find the place where I work you had to google Unilin Belgium and as there are multiple factories around belgium you had to take the guess and Stroth guessed right.

To find my hometown area you just simply google my full name and you had my city immediately. ;}


Thanks for playing 

@MADKILLER @Race @wooziee @WesEdit @TheMoose @DriveHardGetDirty

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