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[CLOSED]'£nmity - `£m(*


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[CLOSED]'£nmity ©  `£m(*

Today  Wednesday, November 30, 2016 '£nmity is awakened in the servers of Mr. Green Gaming



' Your worst enemy could be your best friend £ your best friend your worst enemy '


Members (3)

                                              Joined 30 NOV 2016                                         `£m(*Flipper                                Croatian-Flag-icon.png (Croatia)

                                              Joined 3  DEC  2016                                          `£m(*Mega                                             Mexico-Flag-icon.png (Mexico)

                                              Joined 1 JAN 2017                                             `£m(*AlieN                             Poland-icon.png (Poland)


Kicked (1)

Kicked 3 JAN 2017               `£m(*Thesexyman                     Brazil-Flag-icon.png (Brazil)


Left (2)

     Joined 30 NOV 2016                            `£m(*r0cK                                          t6skgV8.gif (Belgium)

 Joined 29 DEC 2016                     `£m(*MaFiiAA                         India-Flag.png (India)

Some of the screenshots below





'£nmity's 10 commandments


1(* Do not troll, annoy other people if they are not willing you to troll/annoy them.

2(* You have to wear your clan tag at all times when playing in the Mr. Green server.

3(* You speak and understand English and will use this language amongst other players.

4(* If you are leaving the clan send me a message here to let me know you left us alone.

5(* Once you get caught swearing, insulting you are banned from the clan with no excuses.

6(* Respect other players and ignore raging players, it's just a game, eventually report them.

7(* We do not ram other players, unless you get rammed by one, we don't need to ram to finish 1st.

8(* Try to work together with your teammates in Shoothunt, CarGame and DD, make '£nmity victory.

9(* If you change your nick send me a message here to let me know who you are and update some info.

10(* Breaking any of these rules may result in a permanent removal from our clan and exclusion of a re-invite.


Recruitment is CLOSED

(we do only accept skilled players)


vvv Application Form vvv



In-game name(*

Your previous clans(*

What is your favorite gamemode(*

In which country do you live right now(*

The Mr. Green server you play the most on(*

How much hours do you play average on a daily base(*

What is the reason you are willing to join '£nmity today(*





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2 minutes ago, Cena said:

Good luck! But what happened to BtV?

Flipper had not enough time on his hands to keep monitoring BtV, take recruitments and so on. I had the thoughts of a new clan and he told me to do what I wanted to do. And here is '£nmity.

Thankyou ^^

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