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I got skype and you should know my skype name BD And call him ballsack

NO dont call me ballsack :o

Or i will call you... eh.... something that involves a dick!!! :o

Guys, why we havent got a team in forums? maybe we'll make friendly teams and we shall speak in teams speak with teams?





I meant lets make some teams and each team will speak with each other.

Deluv, Mayco, Robo and Nug with me, lets be a team :V

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EU is dead materially and ZSP is dying slowly but efficiently.

And stop upping the topic by re-suggesting a team speak channel,the answer has been given.

Yeah, bump my Awesome-Boat-Blow-Up-Thread instead >:0 XD :yay::lol::gmod: (yeah all the smilyes are necessary)

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