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Benox last maps

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Yo, I'm done with mapping and our server just started to be another DM only server so I will leave all my new 3D maps here.

Idk where to post them and binslayer is no longer here ;(


So I basically returned to MTA mapping and made a bunch of complex maps. Then I stopped again to go into ROM hacking cause why not.

I think green is a good place. They can be modified to make them smaller in MBs size or to fix stuff. They must be tested in a test server before going in a big public server, cause they were really poorly tested and they are scripts heavy. But hey the hard job is done !

I just hope I sent the last version :>




Video Spoiler




[RACE] Layered DeathStar


[RACE] MobiusCity (Mobius Band)



[RACE] Electric Outrun


[DM OS] 



[RACE] Cassandra, Aciknovae, FusionSphere (convertion)  and  [BMX] LightTower


Edit* Link is no longer admin only, so I will PM it to SDK


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Hey there,

Electric outrun got bugs with that gravity triangle things, sometimes it freezing u or you are just not flying right till the end of triangle's way. Must be fixed otherwise it's not playable aswell, at all other things its just amazing, gj

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