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  1. Aymen

    About mine mute

    please dont unmute him. he's so toxic and keep blocking players even when he's muted lol , only job deserve unmute
  2. Aymen

    MAP restore

    i would like the map manager to check and restore 2 of my good maps 1 [NTS] Maina - into the dead : and the reason of deleting because it was broken. but it was not players played it and liked it and it was all good 2 [NTS] Road to heaven. : reason cant finish and thats wrong the map is finish able and it work fine. i hope u check them out and restore them
  3. Aymen

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    give me vip maps : rtf a great adventure
  4. Aymen

    CTF, DL and MH

    Keep ctf
  5. Aymen

    Pictures of thyself

    nice picture dude, i like it
  6. Aymen

    hard panishment

    i was trying to make steam angry i was just joking ( ik its bad words i insulted with) but he was provoking players in the server with his famous words ( cry , kid , childer ....) BUT 2months ban from the the game and discord, i wasnt even in game so the 2months ban is senseless , everyone knows me it was just jokes i think i deserve the mute, but BAN you cant be like this and punish somone this hard for just some stupid insulting, im just worried about this admin and his hard panishments, i remember tictac used to insult more then this every one week and he just end up with 3days ban or 1week mute @Cena take look cena 2 months ban is too much for such insults
  7. Aymen

    1 Last Time

    give him chance, and if he do it again just perma mute him, permaban need to be removed ....
  8. Aymen

    SH tournament

    just joking , its good idea i like it !!
  9. Aymen

    SH tournament

    gambling is haram
  10. Aymen

    Rate the song above you!

  11. Aymen

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    omg lol, you reported one of my uploads and i answered you, stop being aggressive just because you have the power of admin, and if you were my friend i will never anwser you like that dumb, between i hate making friend with this kind of ppl so behave nobody motion it, you start making troubles with everyone since you promoted so chill and behave lol. and your reply is usless so let dub deal with the map ...
  12. Aymen

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    there is no camping spot ..., why you hate good maps lol, its one good map and everyone like, if you talk about dm part its usless everyone can do it ...
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