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Hello there,I made a new map for Zombie Survival,it's a Fallout based map :D

Here is some screens: (the quality is better on Half life 2 deathmatch and it's less good with Gmod,dunno why :/ )









The map is composed of an opened Zombie spawn (screenshot 2,it's the below part of the screen,behind the garbage barricade)

The human spawns are in the village, which is composed of 3 little houses, and yes you've maybe recognized that one of the houses is the zs_thevillage's house where everyone camps,wit h the sofa :) There is also a small "cabane" (as I would say in french, just a room) located on a kind of bridge, where humans can go hide to resist the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies :noel:

At the center of the village, there is an abandoned warhead half-plunged into radioactive liquid. (For those who have Fallout 3 you will understand the reference to the city Megaton ;) )

If you touch the liquid you will lose 1 hp per second, and if you hear a kind of "crac crac" when you're near the nuke it's normal, it's the geiger counter which makes that sound (I didn't check if it worked on gmod but on Half life 2 dm it works).

Well,I'll be honest, I've taken a part of gm_atomic's mini village to do that village (the garbage cade,I modified it by texturing because it has been built under source 2.0 engine,which is bad for Half life 2 deathmatch, and also 2 of the houses I modified it and added stuff in it because it was just empty,I removed some parts of them because of some bugs. )

Actually, the map is not 100% ready, I have some bugs to fix, for example that barrel on the last screen, he is black but he isn't black when I play Half life 2 deathmatch, it's Gmod.

I also have to test the ladder system because I didn't use the Half life 2 "model" for laddering,I used CSS's one.

Well,tell me what you think about the map,It's just an alpha (or a beta? :D) version of it,not finished yet but the whole gameplay/design is here :)

Here is the map link (sorry,my Gmod.org's account has been deleted, f*cking Garry >>>:OOOO ) http://www.filefront.com/14291557/zs_rustyvillage.bsp

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It looks OK, but for the V2:

- Fix those textures, they look very repetitive.

- 3D skybox is a must.

- Fixing your border with rocks won't do it. Make some hills, or other objects.

- The houses have the same floor as the outside, it's ok, but seeing houses with an actual floor is cool too.

- One house looks ripped from some other map.

- Needs a dim light_env and a "sun" to mimic the moon. Would look better.

- If it hasn't got any, add ambient_generics. I personally hate a silent map.

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Botervloot, you are right.Well, i think you forgot something : faint fog.

The idea is really really nice, but it needs working. And another thing, to avoid errors or shitty textures (like those stretched for infinite amount) snap them to grid! Good :)

* More ideas : add a light spot to the street lamps or whatever are those.

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Map will be obsolutely good when you will change the textures, Give some fog... Did you use func_detail? For zombie survival its important.

Put some Light_env end sun_env (sun env for any spike in sky), it looks litle bit unreal for zs.

Some places have similar floors (actually its "dirt" texture or "grass" texuture, i dont know what did you use) as some of your houses.

The 3 of most important things ever are:

- Realistic textures

- Enough light (you need to add it on 400)

- and ofc Func_detail.

As botervloot said map is OK

See your update :)

Lol, on the images i see some lights coming from inside. You didnt use func_detail, or if you did, then in some small cases. Also, use nodraw. Use it under the map and under the houses. I mean paint the bottom of map with nodraw and the bottom of blocks too.

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As i told i can help (wait 5 days more :o)

For lights use func_detail.

Use light_env;

sun_env is not necesary, but if you want more effects for your map, you can add it;

Not so important things:

- Textures (better change them)

- Fog (beautiful effect, you can choose color and change constant for it)

Wish you luck :)

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Somebody played too mich gm_atomic ?

If u improve the map it could be a cool zs map soon

Gm_atomic is my favourite map :D

So cool to just mess around on it ;D

I love that it has AI notes too, ;p

And its HUEG :o

Isnt Zombie survival maps supposed to be small? :S

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