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Top 35 NTS players


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This list is based on skills at the gamemode NTS according to an overall rating system which consists in players' current tops and all time legacy at NTS. (The list isn't 100 per cent accurate, so don't feel disgruntled if perhaps you are ranked wrongly by your own arguments, you can argue about it and then we can avaliate your point.)


1. - Zuikis, Lithuania
2. - Goldberg, Sweden
3. - Rami, Saudi Arabia
4. - qRew, Turkey
5. - Anton, Russia
6. - Eazy-E, Poland
7. - Fartovyi, Russia
8. - Accident, Sweden
9. - Miau, Lithuania
10. - Stanley, Poland
11. - THEMoroccanJOB, Belgium
12. - mr.reese, Hungary
13. - Shaky, India
14. - InterFace, Turkey
15. - Camper, Russia
16. - neox., Spain
17. - Kohl, Russia
18. - wonas, Spain
19. - Dead-End, Ireland
20. - TicTac, Romania
21. - Sky, Lithuania
22. - agmo, Russia
23. - Cena, United Arab Emirates
24. - Kasha, Russia
25. - Maina, Algeria
26. - Taco, Mexico
27. - Flap, Poland
28. - DubStep, Poland
29. - Jesus, Canada
30. - Flipper, Croatia
31. - jededo, Poland
32. - NITRO, Brazil
33. - KneeLz, Lithuania
34. - Stig, Kuwait
35. - NickYahoo, Colombia
PS: Old players who aren't active anymore have their spots along the rank.
                                                                Made by: Dead-End
                                                                Edit by: Goldberg
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3 minutes ago, Cena said:

How do you guys even evaluate this list?!

Same to the SH one. I see Dead-End on the top of the list since he is the one who created it

It's based on the number of top 1's and also remembering the old top times board and recognizable skills that me and berg knows.

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17 minutes ago, Flipper said:

Good job @Goldberg and Dean-End,  i like it, this might motivate players to try harder so they can enter those lists :D

Yeah that was actually my plan, to have something to reach. I've talked with bier about a ranking system eventually :)

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