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ban for stupid reason


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what a good admin (stig) banning new players for fucking 3 days who dont know the rules and english for stupid reason (using others players nick) meybe managers can tell him how to deal with the players ate that position , and thats nick is his nick in other servers so he joined with his nick and get banned for 3 days 

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               _____ Rules _____

  1. Do not cheat, hack or exploit to get any advantage

  2. Do not insult or provoke any players or admins

  3. Do not block other players or camp in DD and SH

  4. Do not flood or spam the main chat

  5. Do not advertise other servers

  6. Do not TeamKill in CTF

  7. Do not deliberately lock other people's name

  Breaking any of these rules may result in ban.

read the rules again maina

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If you are talking about Bfw|Cena. I warned him yesterday morning and I kicked him and changed his nick through admin panel and then I left. Another player later that day sent me a msg on steam saying Bfw|Cena joined and when stig told him to change your nick he changed it to Bfw|Stig. I asked Yoshi what type of punishment he should get and he told me ban for 1 day or something, so i don't see anything wrong from what Stig did. If an admin warn a player to change hid nick and the player refuse. He deserve to get punished. Locked.

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