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Mr. Green MTASA DM (race maps) event


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Server Password: Will be published later.

Date: 22-08-'09 19:00 GMT

It's time for a new event! This time we will be playing Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas DM with the Race gamemode. Just like the old Mr. Green days.

What do you need?

- A copy of GTA: San Andreas (version 1.0 only!)

- This MTA build: http://tinyurl.com/mtar1564

- And the MTA data files: http://tinyurl.com/mtar1564data

Important: Other builds won't work!!

Hopefully we'll see you there 22-08-09 19:00 GMT at the server! We got enough place for all of you.

Link to Steam event here

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How we will play it if we dont have got it? san andreas is old already.


Bah, the last time I downloaded a GTA Warez it had a trojan. Guess I'll have to look about further.

Just get it from torrents, ive got one set up to start when I go to bed, because I get 600kb/s dl speed on BitTorrent then :V

(Also I've probably just alerted some government agency, so if that agency does see this, Hi! How are you today? Actually convicted anybody of P2P File Sharing yet?)

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