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About Us:
"We can`t change the whole world, but we can change those who are close to us".

The world is becoming more tolerant, but some things, like online games or social networks affect the attitude of people to other people of another country. And we think that this can be changed if the players see that people from different countries are together and interact with each other, even with the help of games. We also believe that this should ultimately lead us to mutual understanding and friendship between players from different countries.

The problem of racism and stereotypes exists. It is little expressed, but it exists. It's great that other teams are also international. We are trying to convey this and using the name of the team, and our goal is to collect a large number of people from different countries.

National Storm will try to slightly change the server for the better.

Rules and how to join the project:

- Standard rules from the server
- Do not kill or harm team members.
- Assist team members whenever possible
- Do not insult other players

- You can tell your idea of using the server with NS

To join, write in a private message (F3to the founder (Pigabout your desire or write here.

NatStorm Members (23):

Owner   Pig   Russia.png.7830b98c0a5bb2c3c27d166c9330f8b6.png
Member Galla Hungary.png.060112f2de3f0b693b4a7c874224c2b2.png
Member Roba France.png.e2f1a2e87377c5fe22874a2da9958086.png
Member Orbit Poland.png.7525d178e4d841ba05466a8d1e75614d.png
Member KaioKen Turkey.png.d43737ac4efa46c9e3624ec609895ec7.png
Member  Rott Russia.png.7830b98c0a5bb2c3c27d166c9330f8b6.png
Member Nixon Brazil.png.ceecfe646a4a67afe017b169917a395f.png
Member DroN  Ukraine.png.80c4a6f2664bcb7b70fa81e99cd23b8c.png
Member  Tjess Turkey.png.d43737ac4efa46c9e3624ec609895ec7.png
Member  4D4M United-Kingdom.png.be9e03ab973601705524abac11a99e8f.png
Member DabQueen Lithuania.png.e483b35edcafec69dd0138f2a468b50b.png
Member Raze Netherlands.png.5f6408c9e08d26a3c59ec3c5851b4c71.png
Member Sergusha Ukraine.png.80c4a6f2664bcb7b70fa81e99cd23b8c.png
Member Lad Colombia.png.f45d778b4ff5ece7ce862ed2d4c4b379.png
Member ArtemisTiny Turkey.png.d43737ac4efa46c9e3624ec609895ec7.png
Member Blade Ukraine.png.80c4a6f2664bcb7b70fa81e99cd23b8c.png
Member Axeel Estonia.png.8a17e97db1a1489f7146ab39484a4da4.png
Member Redstarnike Ukraine.png.80c4a6f2664bcb7b70fa81e99cd23b8c.png
Member Warrior Russia.png.7830b98c0a5bb2c3c27d166c9330f8b6.png
Member Punk Spain.png.66c1577bbfb8cfe8863f99ae30015279.png
Member Welz Russia.png.7830b98c0a5bb2c3c27d166c9330f8b6.png
Member Kokovai Norway.png.fe6afbade3795b67f7f4989c0d005a5b.png
Member 0rangeGhost Russia.png.7830b98c0a5bb2c3c27d166c9330f8b6.png
Member  LMNrSt Russia.png.7830b98c0a5bb2c3c27d166c9330f8b6.png


Member JansseJr
Member  Aquezle
Member  Johnny
Member  Sony
Member  Purple

*Forgive me for my English

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