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wake up guys its not sandy fault , this guy (steam) is rly annoying his using his binds to anoy players and insult them using , he dont know how to speak english but the only words he know is CRY KID RETArd and other bad words , u can see some of his bind in the ss , and this is one of them , and before u do sothing to sandy try to warn this guy about his bad behiver , and tell to him to stop reporting everything cuz thats rly annoying , we are here to have fun .


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1 hour ago, Maina said:

we are here to have fun .

its so funny how you say we are here to have fun, while you are full of hate against me. Does that mean I should ban you again? I saw what you said in mix today when I was discord and I still didn't do anything, but I am telling you. I am watching you and if you stay with this behavior I will ban you again.

I will mute sandy.

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