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Insult and racism

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Since i returned to the server i continuously get insults. They call me racist all the time even i didn't say anything.  I think if someone call you a racist falsely is the same as being racist. 
Also, racist detected. 


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Dude, you really dissapoint me. I thought you would be grateful for getting a very last chance from us. I thought you would do anything to show us you deserved it. But what do you expect, people laying out the red carpet for you? You gave yourself the reputation of an insulting racist, and it's up to you to deal with that, not up to us. But now you are trying to trick us into putting the blame on others and protecting you, by making cleverly timed screenshots. But one look at the full chat tells me that you have clearly insulted those players and denying you did so.

If anything, you have just reported yourself to us and blew away your last chance.

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