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Buurman and ChimpieChamp always blocking and ramming


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I promised that i will record non-stop...

These retards are doing it always what u see on the video + insulting/provoking/trolling all the time. 

Cutting corner on purpose, which is obvious, blocking and so on. 

Its just the 1st vid I made.


Ban them please, they are doing it all the time. Not mark. Ban pls. 


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2 hours ago, Gametaff said:

They have done the same to me several times, especially that ChimpieChamp cunt but what can you expect for a couple of retards who can't race for shit and only play to annoy others? I won't be surprised if they only mark them for an hour and will continue doing the same

Marking them for 1 or 2 weeks might suit. I've seen them blocking and ramming on purpose other times too. Not up to me though.

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I don't understand why you guys get so upset about it. Me and buurman also do it to each other, so why is wrong to have a little fun? And also people like kash who provoke us all the time are complaining about the fact that we ram them, doesn't rly seem fair tbh. Do what you will. but don't start about us being insulting cause that people who trying to get us banned are just as insulting.

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