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R.I.P Bean


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Hey guys it's been a long time I'm on Mr.Green ZS, it's time for me to quit ZS, the game doesn't entertain me anymore this has nothing to do with the new update :) It's just I've been playing ZS for too long and I have no more objectives in the game .. which is really important for me.

I think I've masteryze the game to a certain level.. now I'm trying to do the same on TF2 :) which is more complicated but I love difficulty. (I'm ranked 9th atm)

I've met so many good or bad people Robo.. Sneed.. and many many more (only to name a few good ones) I would like to thank you all guys you greatly enhance my experience on the game and I thank you for that ;).

I would like to thank Clavus, Ywa and Delu for making such an awesome game I'm sure this is the game I enjoyed the most in my life, keep making it better !

This is it, Bean time is done with 110.000 overall kills and 10.000 propkills kills.. (Hmm I still have some videos on my comp :P)

See you on TF2 :)

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I'm thankful you've not left the community, that would just be too much. I'm gonna miss my failed attempts at dodging your props (they really do follow you!)

I hope you enjoy killing people in TF2 and much as we enjoyed being killed by you in ZS.

I won't say goodbye, as I hope to run into you another time, simply, see you soon.

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