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Hi and welcome to the all new Left4Green forums. These forums are meant to be of service to the community that play on our servers. Since the original forums over at www.mr-green.nl were not that foreigner friendly in terms of language (we're originally Dutch after all), the TopCrew (Ywa, Kraay and me) figured it would be a good move to create Left4Green, our first 100% English forum!

The login information of our original Dutch forum and this one are connected. You can log in on both using the same e-mail address and password.

As you can see, our forums are quite empty at the moment. Kick things off by creating a few topics and joining discussion in topics made by others. We've got a range of forums, from general talk to video game discussion to tutorial spots.

At the moment, no rules have been made yet. Those will come in time. That does not mean you can go on a trolling spree of course, basic forum rules apply and we will enforce them. Another thing is the forum skin, we're working on finding or creating a better one.

I wish you all good luck on our forums and servers. Stick around and help this community flourish! :)

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Awesome. Now we just need a new forum skin or something "L4D"-ish :3

Yeah we're working on it. We're searching for a more green-ish but still stylish theme. Something minimalistic but still appealing :)

English FTW :ninja:

Will there be a shoutbox?

Modifications will be installed by Ywa. I hope he'll be able to bring back the news line, shoutbox and recent topics listing. Don't quote me on it though, we're running the latest IPB version which might be incompatible with those mods.

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