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Pre-Loading has begun!


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Pre-loading has begun!

The demo will show up as "Left 4 Dead Demo" in your "Not Installed" tab. To preload, simply right click it, and press "Pre-load Information".

It says it'll be released at 7AM Pacific Standard Time, and I'm afraid that's 22:00 in the evening for us Europeans.

It preloads at 1.2MB/s for me, so I suppose it isn't really busy yet.

So, start pre-loading, and be ready for some zombie shooting tonight!

Good luck!

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Cannot preload due to not having pre-ordered. I won't do that anway because I'll obtain a retail from UK. :P

Yeah the german box-art was already a sign of the truckload of censoring that must've gone on the game :')

Anyway, pre-loading's done. Did it in about 20 minutes with 2 megabytes per second.

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