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Sharing my old/unused paintjobs.

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I know there are loads of threads like these, but I just wanted one of my own. I hope you enjoy these. I'm gonna create a new post every time I decide to add any paintjobs. These only work on the properly paintjobbable cars (sultan, elegy, flash, jester, uranus, saturn)

Also, thanks @cby for the awesome paintjob tester!

NOTE: Vehicles look quite better ingame and nametags are removed.


1. Simple/abstract/minimal whatever object cool thingy paintjob, for the minimalists. LINK



2. Josh McGuire 2015 Formula Drift livery copycat, I have no idea who this guy actually is. The front is kinda messed up cause the crappy paintjob system, but it looks decent ingame, especially when the car has a bodykit. LINK


2.1. Dark version of same paintjob (this one also doesn't have the brembo and motul tags) LINK



I also made a high resolution template for paintjobs (based on @hulpje's one, thanks!) LINK apologies for shitty pen tool skills, I know the arches are kinda not straight but they work. Hope somebody enjoys any of these :)





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