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  1. Iveko

    pjtester v2 when

  2. cby

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    you mean GIVEME MY DAMN VIP?
  3. cby

    Mateoryt Admin application

    good luck!
  4. cby

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    good luck!
  5. I'm a beginner, I haven't learned the vanilla yet either. Watching the first few minutes of the first video I find it really overwhelming / complicated.
  6. hey what about Marquis in pjtester still not (reminder)

    1. HardVadr


      I waiting too! (reminder)

  7. cby

    Map Event

    Okay, you can choose for mix in my name Race: - Zole Desert Running - Free Falls
  8. cby

    Map Event

    NGR|CBY Ok, I'll be THAT guy... Race: - Alenator_Always - Never The Same
  9. cby

    Event maybe?

    Sounds good. It can be a "regular" map event, I don't mind.
  10. cby

    Map Event

    Nick: NGR|CBY Map Name: Alenator_Always [RACE]
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