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After Long time i just wanted to make a new unban app because the last one was denied , I think I've learned my lesson after a while and I thought and I think I deserve it a unban , just because I challenged someone I took the bann again i didnt insult him i just accused somone and im sorry for that F1MadKiller , I hope you understand that this time it will be the last time one and a last chance so i was thinking to prove i can change my self my attitude my behavior . 

Thank you for understanding and I promise I will change not just words , I can prove i will change  of that stupidity that I produced in the past to stop it once for all .



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I can see your starting to mature Boyka but this is down to @Cena if Cena lets you back I hope you can be a good player for the community and don't blow the chance if Cena gives you one

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People like you dont understand what the definition of bad behaviour is. I hope i remember how to use screenshots if you come back, last time i used it, you were involved..

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