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GreenCoins lottery #3


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GreenCoins Lottery


Hello everyone and welcome to Mr. Green GreenCoins lottery. This is a very simple idea in which I have thought off and I believe a lot would enjoy it. 

What is GreenCoins Lottery?

GreenCoins lottery is a very basic and simple lottery and the reward would be GreenCoins as it says. 

How does it work? 

All what you have to do is donate any amount you would like. Then your name will be in our list in which we will pick up randomly 1 winner after 1 week from now (5 May 2018) . According to the amount you have donated, it will be x2 what you get. 

For example, if you donate 5 euros (5,000 GCs). Those 5,000 GCs will be x2 which is 10,000 GCs. 

ALSO, you can choose someone else to share this win, so if you win the 10,000 GCs.  You can choose another player to get the exact same amount of GCs (The 10,000).

How to join this lottery?

Please when you make a donation after this topic have been posted. Make a post in this topic saying "I have donated". It will help us to add you to the lottery easier.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask and we would be happy to answer you. Please note: This is an experimental idea. We are testing it out for this first week. If it worked fine, we will be doing more and better rewards!

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10 hours ago, assntits said:

Why double the amount of greencoins and not like that the winner takes everything, the total amount from donations?

It would attract more people imo

Also what is the smallest amount I can donate?

We can do that in the next event I believe.

1 euro :P That would be 1k GCs to ur account instant and if u win u get another 1k GCs. 

10 hours ago, besweeet said:

[ignore this]

Mean :( 

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