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    who the fuck use that shit
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    Nothing, games, asian girls, k-pop lmao


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  1. eL_AsS

    Mr.Green Shooter Event 2021 Edition

    Dubby you are not Cena my ass! These are the poorest rewards i ever seen, even homeless beggars earn more pff anyway i sign -ass
  2. eL_AsS

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    It stilla active? name: Mars3o Added -ciken
  3. eL_AsS

    server ddos'd

    Turkish hackers strike again. @Forzet That's why you shouldn't insult their greatest leader Kebab Ataturk... see what happens, u killed mrgeen.
  4. eL_AsS

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    WHERE IS MY DAMN VIP? map - SH - Step Up Your Game, RTF - Oldschool
  5. eL_AsS

    DzinyMaster Admin Application

    Put this kid out of his misery and ban him on forum already xd
  6. eL_AsS

    laggers & vote manipulators

    I'm sorry but you got it all wrong and don't understand what lagger is , its not about how high the ping is, it's more about the connection quality/stability. Now i don't want to sound racist but I have seen countless Turkish players with ping like 60-70 and they were extremely lagged with same stuff u described like getting very delayed rocket kill, or getting fucked out of the road in NTS/Race if i do only as much as touch them. I have had way better experience with most South Americans with 250 ping than with Turks with 60 ping, and not only in MTA but in other multiplayer games i played turkish players were the biggest laggers with the shittiest and most unstable connection. Of course same goes to south americans, they can have low quality internet as well as turks can have better quality internet but it doesn't depend solely on their ping/server distance. So your complaining about laggers as well as your sugestion about reducing the allowed ping limit is completely pointless and it wouldn't fix the issue with turkish players lagging with low ping.
  7. For real how @DzinyMaster can speak in so big-ass letters.


  8. eL_AsS

    Admin/Mod Appication

    goodluck cowboy
  9. eL_AsS

    Shooter Sunday

    My donation is cancelled as im banned. GG
  10. eL_AsS

    Shooter Sunday

    Oh u already signed me. But i wanted to add 5k gc from my pocket to the winner. Because the rewards are poor so far :d
  11. eL_AsS

    Shooter Sunday

    Ass, tf is difference between super and mega jump?
  12. eL_AsS

    Rate the song above you!

  13. eL_AsS

    Screenshot + Video Thread

  14. Dziny already number 1 best mapper of all time on MIX. Only a matter of time when he conquest the race server with his maps too
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