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Hi guys , i was thinking about to make a new reroll perk , it would be
a reroll that include only Infernus for ground vehicles , Jetmax for
boats , and Hydra for air.
Tell me what do u think about this idea.
Did u find the reroll too OP (Overpowered ) or it is necessary for example to make 
better tops.

Ofc it would be a little bit exapensive like 5k or 10k and for a certain time.

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4 minutes ago, TheMoose said:

Reroll is a cheap perk that's only survived because its a soft perk that doesn't necessarily mean improvement. Yours is pay to win.


Besides, I don't like anything that makes NTS become less like NTS and more like race, as yours does.

I understand your point , but this is just one reroll ,  i dont think it would change the NTS mode as u say , ppl can use that perk to end with a good time , in the final checkpoint for example...u are overdo the things lmao, its just 1 car change to take a little bit advantage , that dont make u win the race 100%..


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