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FounDer annoys and curses everyone


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I am complaining from "FounDer" who usually changes his name like "Latte", and "IMISSYOU" . he is mostly curses everyone when he died. he curses the families and ridicules etc. please ban this guy from the game for more peaceful games.

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i mean why u can't warn Him this is the first time that he did it , so warn Him and m sure he will never do it again , causeit's too اharsh to give ban ... and idk cena will decide in the end . i talked to him and i told him don't insult again cause a player get annoyed so he said okay ! so no need 

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I do not see him saying anything wrong, beside using caps. No insults at all. For the screenshots which he was speaking Turkish, I can't translate that and I asked for translations, but no reply. Therefore, No punishment will be given to Founder.

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