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FounDer annoys and curses everyone


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I am complaining from "FounDer" who usually changes his name like "Latte", and "IMISSYOU" . he is mostly curses everyone when he died. he curses the families and ridicules etc. please ban this guy from the game for more peaceful games.

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Hes not joking....  You dont need to give him ban but atleast long chat ban to let him realize he cant insult that much...

True is everytime he die, hes crying that we are laggers with 90 fps and 30 ping and spamming etc.. even beggining for shs 24/7

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i mean why u can't warn Him this is the first time that he did it , so warn Him and m sure he will never do it again , causeit's too اharsh to give ban ... and idk cena will decide in the end . i talked to him and i told him don't insult again cause a player get annoyed so he said okay ! so no need 

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I do not see him saying anything wrong, beside using caps. No insults at all. For the screenshots which he was speaking Turkish, I can't translate that and I asked for translations, but no reply. Therefore, No punishment will be given to Founder.

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