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Custom Skins in ZS/IW


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Hi there, i have a question.

I found some great skins for weapons/gloves on fpsbanana and i wonder.

Can i use them in ZS/IW? , if its possible. how do i install it? :)

(I want to replace some CSS weapons, should i download CSS models/skins then?)

I ask this because the normal skins/models/sounds get to lame after a while. New is cool

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The skins alone suck balls. but i did it for the animations and sounds.

my M4a1 now reloads CoD style and not lame old style :P

And i downloaded a mac 10 model so the ZS ironsights arent impossible to use. (When you fire, your crosshair gets blocked by the gun so you cant see shit)

I need to find a way to replace the IW unlockable weapons tho ( m16 , M24 etc ) anyone here knows a way? tell me :3

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Axon, fuck you. Skins rock. EDIT: That fuck you is obviously a joke. I like Axon.

And Hundred, this is a bit late but of course they work! Been using skins in gmod since.. I don't remember.

Now that we got topic like this, we could share skins that we think that awesomely pwn in ZS/IW?

I'll start:

Enron's Winchester '73 Carbine

This skin is for M3, and is must have if you play IW even a bit. Raping those behemoths is just. well. awesome.

At first I was thinking: "why the f would special forces use weapon like this?", but then I quickly realized that it has been many years since the zombies first showed up so, why not?

Twinke Masta m4 on zeej animes

Not much to say about this skin, I just love it. Great with the winchester one if you play with assault alot.

Butterfly Knives Pack v1.1

I don't like the original CSS knife and I like butterfly knives.

Many animations and textures to choose from, I'm sure you'll find one you like unless you hate butterfly knives.

That's all for now.

EDIT: Dunno Hundred. I think that would need some modding work/more skill that casual gamer like me to replace those ones. I'll let Clavus show us his wisdom.

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Im using the Twinke Masta m4 anims. The 2nd Draw + 2nd Reload gives it a CoD (more bad ass) Reload style.

Also my linkies of a few i use.


Gloves that just look better then the old ones.


Desert eagle Skin + Animation.

Dammit, the animations for that deagle give it such a Killing Floor Feeling . It makes the deagle 100 times more awesome


New Dual Elites wich also gives a Killing floor feeling, must have.


Knife animation + model, Gives it a backstab feeling :P

Also kniight, EmRA doesnt mean it in the real FUCK YOU way. :P

If he does. then i hate EmRA :(

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Skins are awesome, it's just that I easily get bored of them, then I get new ones, and so on, till my Garrysmod folder is filled with miscellaneous files from earlier skins.

Edit: Might aswell post my favourite skin too. This one is my absolute favourite. The sound is really annoying after a while, so I made replacement sounds for them.

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