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Invisible mode for NTS until ghostmode lasts

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Hey guys,

I would have a suggestion. That would be great to add an invisible mode (just like in RTF) to NTS until the ghostmode lasts. Being able to turn on and off (with button "V", I guess) the visibility of other cars in ghostmode would make it more convenient to launch the race, especially when you need to drive on narrow roads or when the initial checkpoints are quite close to each other. Unfortunately in many cases (especially when we start the race with the same vehicle) it is uneasy to figure out which of the cars is the player's car due to the chaotic situation that the common cars, speed and ghostmode cause. Though I don't know if special cases (e.g. having a "lagger" tag which automatically turns on the ghostmode for the individual for the whole race) would result in failing the concept.

tl;dr: Optional "invisible cars" option up until the last CP before ghostmode ends, turn on/off with "v", disable mode automatically when a car reaches the "end of ghostmode" CP.

Please consider this idea.

All the best,



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Totally disagree with this idea! No point to delete ghostmode because sometimes it can be more challenged to play without ghostmode and it makes the game funnier. Also the author who’s making the map can choose when ghostmode turns off, so it depends from the author he wants it or no. If you playing a game you should always get the game for more realistic and have best experience on it! 😏😏

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Please read my post more thoroughly because you completely misunderstood the whole thing.

There weren't any words about deleting ghostmode, the post is about to introduce INVISIBLE mode, which means that if you press "v" you won't see the surrounding vehicles while they are in ghostmode. By pressing "v" again they would reappear on the screen. Same concept as in RTF. Available only until there is ghostmode in the given map. 

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5 minutes ago, KaliBwoy said:

It's actually a good idea, a carhide that is available while having ghostmode.

Its kinda what I told you few weeks ago but you didn't like the idea :( The only difference between me and Jama he requested it with mentioning different reasons than mine. 

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I thought about this too, many times, finally someone raised the voice :P  Great job👍

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